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Tal is a seasoned Realtor with more than two and a half decades of experience in Canadian Real Estate. He has helped countless families find their dream home so that they can live a life they always desired. Tal goes out of his way to help first-time home buyers and ensures they find a home that would mark their beginning in Real Estate with happy memories to back at. His amazing communication skills and deep-rooted understanding of the market help him handle all queries and questions with clarity and empathy as he navigates the process of buying or selling a home smoothly to relax his clients. He is extremely patient and humble which helps his clients ease up and be more open during their home-ownership journey. Tal works for his mission to help clients make the right decision because he believes buying a home is a major decision in life and both budget and requirements should be met without hassle. He truly wants to ensure every client is satisfied with their home for years to come.

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